Hi, I'm Amy Beth!

No BS Health activist, radio personality, dog mom, wifey.
Allow me to introduce myself!


Hi there!

Besides my love for food and healthy stuff, I am a health activist on a mission to educated individuals about realistic ways to become their own health advocate while teaching easy tools that will allow anyone to reach their long-term health goals. After years of growing up in the traditional southern lifestyle while eating the traditional meat & cheese saturated diet, a "quarter-life crisis" left me with one decision... Find a way to feel better or live the rest of my life on pain pills. At the brink of a health crisis, a new friend introduced me to the clinical research behind plants, and I switched my pain pills for powedered produce capsules.

So, because of mine & my husband's radical health improvements and re-losing gained weight after failed attempts at shedding pounds before, I have the opportunity to teach others the same things so no one has to figure out the plant-switch by themselves.

So, if you're at your wits end with your health, take a breath & know you're in good hands! I'm here to walk you to success.

xo, Amy Beth


You Have questions, I have answers...

I like to say, “I wear many hats,” only because I do a variety of things. I’m a wife a dog mom to a family of 4 (including myself), I’m a radio personality, Youtuber, blogger, social influencer, brand ambassador, self-proclaimed chef, whole-food educator, photographer, and graphic designer.

But what I’m doing here on this website is inviting you into working with me one-on-one in learning simple, realistic ways to make realistic choices. After years of learning this stuff for myself, it’s time for me to give back to those who’ve asked for help and provide simple solutions who need a life-long change.

I’m not an expert in “health” other than self-education and life experience of having physical & mental health challenges from early childhood. I lean heavily on finding clinical research & reputable sources because I have been fooled by well-meaning companies before. My husband also double checks my ground work using his PhD skills, and I've been exposed to work by nationally renowned doctors who believe in clinically researched-based solutions as well as holistic nutritionally-fit lifestyles. I am an expert in advertising, graphic design, and creating services that support people in the most vulnerable of life transitions while empathisizing with people who are looking for solutions.

When I decided to go vegan, we had just moved to Louisiana and I was feeling the weight of the local food. Our second-hand community didn’t really receive my lifestyle “restrictions” very well, and I was often ridiculed for being “that vegan.” So I created a name around my life and it kinda just stuck.

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This is a whole food nutritional product called Juice Plus+, which allows those who partake to eat phytonutrients from 30 different fruits, veggies, and berries in order to bridge the gap of everyday life.

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First before ordering, I’d love to give you the poo-poo treatment and have you fill out a questionaire. So grab a glass of whatever and take a few minutes to give me some background information of the kind of solution you’re looking for.

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I have 6 years of self-employment experience in running my own business since my senior year of college, and 4 years of experience in the Advertising/Graphic Design industry in corporate & agency settings. In the last 3 years I’ve gained knowledge & education about health & wellness and I’ve worked with health professionals in their practice which has allowed me to fine tune my realistic holistic course.

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