Selfless Self-Care Products I'm Using Every Day


One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in this plant-based lifestyle change has been an increased sensitivity to personal care products that contain heavy chemicals or ones that included animal products in their formulas. I’ve even had reactions to claimed vegan & cruelty free products which allowed me come to terms with the fact that I needed to do a beauty overall.

It wasn’t a big deal at first, but 3 years later after a lot of damage control, my vessel has become the “cadillac” of bodies, as I found out a few months ago that EVERYTHING I’d been using on my face (from personal care to makeup) was causing my skin to react in a not-so-pretty way.

That’s when I decided to ditch everything I had been using (including the makeup brushes) and start from scratch.

FINALLY-- I have found some products (both Brandon and I use) that have met up to the standards our bodies have been always asking for.

So with that, here is the ever growing & changing list of things I am using every single day that might benefit you as well.


Coconut Oil -  

Eh oh... this is a controversial one for some, but this has been a longtime, useful, and simple addition to my routine for several years now. It’s not only the simplest makeup remover, but it cleanses and keeps my face moisturized at the same time.

If you’ve done the research and feel confused about whether or not coconut oil is beneficial, I say try it out for yourself and see what happens. Some people can’t and shouldn’t use this due to their skin-type, so make sure you know what skin combination you have before you start slathering coconut oil everywhere.

I would consider my skin as a sensitive-combination type. This just means I’m sensitive to everything while it can be dry and/or oil.

Read this about why Coconut Oil can be good for your skin from

Osmia Rose Clay Facial Soap -

I recently fell in love with this Colorado-local line at an event where we were able to test-drive the recommended facial routine. It was the first time I felt comfortable after using this bar of soap in Colorado because of the dry weather’s nack for sucking the moisture out of everything. Most soaps would dry out my skin immediately after use.

First of all, the Osmia Rose Bar has helped clear up the redness around my cheeks and has helped to detox my skin from chemical build-up from my previous beauty routine. Second of all, it feels gentle going on and going off, and it doesn’t leave residue. I use this in the morning to freshen up my face followed by my next few products.

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner -

This has been in my husband and I’s routine for a little over a year now, and I got to say that I’m glad I found it. The hubby uses it on a cotton pad and wiping off the excess oils and dirt and I use it in the same way, but not everyday.

Osmia Nectar Vital Rose Drops -  

These “Unicorn Drops” have been a skin-saver with this naturally dry Colorado air. No, I do not use a moisturizer with these drops because the oil combined with more oil adds too much to my face, so I use it a different way than what’s probably recommended, but hey it works for me.

Using the Witchhazel Toner, I squeeze 7-8 drops in my hand, then add 2-3 of the Vital Rose drops with it. That’s when I mix the two together by rubbing my hands together and pat the mixed combination with my hands on to my damp skin (this is after washing my face).

Why do I mix the liquid and the oil? Well, from what I’ve learned, the water-base allows the oil to activate and to be easily absorbed into the skin. It’s worked for me and my face doesn’t dry out like it did when we first moved here. In fact, it stays smooth all day.

P.S. This same brand also has one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used. Brandon and I usually keep one of these in our car and use it frequently! It doesn’t make you wanting more and more like Chapstick or Burt’s Bees, and it feels like lip balm should.


Innersense Organic Beauty -


I actually got to meet the creators of this amazing product line at the same local event I found Osmia Organics. It was Joanne & Gregs hands-on story paired with their demonstration & expert experience that inspired me to give these products a try. Something mentioned, after the Joanne’s personal story about her daughter’s reaction to drugstore products, was that the the products we use for washing our hair should be the MOST clean, as chemicals & other ingredients can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.

I had been struggling to find a product with a creator who understood how valuable & important that concept was, and I was tired of being “sold” on network marketing products I had seen & heard negative reactions from. Innersense stands for “we can do better,” and that’s just my style.

Both Brandon and I use the hairbaths, leave-in conditioner spray, the dry shampoo and we absolutely have felt a difference in how our scalps feel as well as how often we need to wash our hair. I feel like that’s saying a lot considering how different the makeup of our scalps are from one another.


Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap -

Body wash has always been a toss up for me until I found this vegan, cruelty-free brand of soap… that also comes in a big-fat recyclable bottle. This not only has been something my skin hasn’t reacted to, but I’ve been able to give my dogs a bath with this product too. Use it simply as a body wash, there’s not much to it.


Want to learn more about the products I’m using? Shoot me a message or click on the links in this blog to go directly to the source. Like I’ve said before, I am NOT a professional, just an informed human being who was tired of accepting “this is just the way it is” and decided to do better for herself. My best advice is to try things for yourself and ask for professional help when you need it.