3 (Realistic) Tips for Healthy Unicorn Hair

That’s why her hair is so big... it’s full of secrets!

If any of you know me in person, you might recognize me by my hair. I'm definitely one of those people who have always had a thick mop on their head, but I've also been processing my hair since I was in the 7th grade. From 2003 when I started my Freaky Friday -Lindsay Lohan chunks to my current purple unicorn mane-- my hair and I have been through a lot together.

Bleaching, coloring, blow-drying, straightening, curling, wanding, and one sew-in weave later, my hair knows stress all too well. Even with all that stress I’ve been able to keep my hair thick and grow it long quickly without special serums or potions.

One of the biggest questions I get about my hair is, "How does always it look SO healthy!?" Luckily, my experience points have added up and I've found 3 not-so-secret-secrets (of the many preventative ways to promote health) which have kept my hair thick and protected during all of my life's transitions & hair transformations:


1. Are you eating enough produce?

I'm not your mom, but let I have to ask, "Are you eating your fruits and veggies??" Back when the Ombré was in style, I had an accidental not-so-favorable turnout on my hair. I thought for some reason I could go from red to blonde in one day, so by the end of the session my hair was French Fried. My senior year in college was in full swing, and I always ran low on "cares & concerns" for what I was putting into my body, let alone on my hair. I ate all the fast food I could and the only recipe I knew how to make was Chicken Alfredo. Unfortunately for me with this unfavorable turnout, I had to go with the big chop and start ALL over. This time growing out my hair, I've learned that the more leafy greens, berries, and fruits that I'm eating… the better my hair looks and feels! A scientifically-backed way that I've been able to keep my hair quality consistently healthy  is by taking my powdered produce capsules!! Not only am I craving more fruits and veggies after eating them, my hair is growing faster and thicker than it's ever grown in my life.


2. Are you using an omega?

I'll be the first to raise my and and tell you that I wasn’t fully educated on what omegas could do for the hair, skin, & nails when I first started this whole health journey. I just assumed they were optional. However, after trying out a plant-based omega with the spread of omega's 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9, I’ve noticed my hair thickening up even MORE! The truth is, you don't have to take a fish oil to achieve #hairgoals. The Omega 3’s help in starting hair regrowth and improving increase hair elasticity, Omega 6’s are known to improve scalp health, and Omega 9’s help with keeping the hair moisturized! Check out the omega product I use.

3. Have some patience.

There are lots of unrealistic hair goals out there. Don't let Pinterest poison your mind with the idea that you can go from natural to fashion color in one day because it doesn’t work like that (unless maybe you're already blessed with lighter blonde hair). Also, Healthy Hair takes time. Lots of time. One of the biggest compliments I got from my hairdresser was how patient I’ve been in order to reach the ultimate hair goals, but that’s because I learned my lesson the hard way. You can't go into a salon asking them to perform a miracle if you're not nurturing your hair at home.

So whether you're wanting thicker hair, a new hair-doo, or a unicorn mane… be patient with the process. There are lot's of "miracle pills" & potions out there promising thicker, longer hair in a matter of weeks… but nothing can be done unless you are building the foundation from within.

Check out this video on what I use to color my unicorn hair