30 Day Omega Challenge


In 2017, the Juice Plus+ company released their Plant Based Omega Blend capsules and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Honestly, I had never been educated enough on the importance of omega nutrients until recent because food education had always surrounded the very basics of the Food Pyramid (which is out of date, btw). However, after educating myself further on the importance of omegas, how the are important to our functioning bodies, and also getting to try some for myself, I am confident that my body has been missing out for years.


A couple of facts about Omegas & the body:

  • Omega 3’s support conditions like Asthma, Diabetes, some cancers, high cholesterols, & even depressive disorders. They also play an important role in brain function as well as may help fight cardiovascular disease.

  • Omega 5’s, which are rare in nature (but easily found in pomegranate), are shown to effectively fight off cancer cells in prostate & pancreatic cancers. This myristic acid also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to promote appropriate inflammation in the body.

  • Omega 6’s combined with Omega 3’s have some great health benefits, but this is often the one we get too much of.

  • Omega 7’s help regulate fat & blood sugar metabolism, and it helps promote faster healing and tissue recovery. Sea Buckthorn is shown to improve eczema, acne, oral, ulcers, stomach ulcers, and even vaginal health.

What’s awesome is that Juice Plus+ Omega Blend has 5 different types of essential omega oils!

Let me preface this before I get into the week-by-week transformation:

Back in middle school & high school, my skin was in terrible shape. It seemed that every week I was covering up a new blemish on my face, and it wasn’t until my senior year of college that my face finally started to even out… for a little bit. I tried all the things when it comes to healthy, glowing skin, but never was able to be consistent at them, nor did I have good results when I tried them. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I really started to take control of my what I was putting inside of my body that I started to notice a change in how my skin looked and felt.

Fast forward to our move to Colorado where my skin easily became dry and rashy that I started to see the need for some major help with my money-maker. Moving from the wetlands to the dry mountain air was a big shock for my skin, as I felt that I was having to put moisterizer on my face every few hours. It was time for another shift in my skin care routine where I began making the switch to a more holistic approach when it came to my face.

While I am still new to this whole “omega-thing,” I am positive that my outsides are reflecting what I put on the inside. Here is my 30 day journey with using plant based omegas.

***Disclaimer: This post is from experience, not professionally educated expertise. I am not a trained Esthetician nor do I have all the answers when it comes to my own skincare. I would recommend this 30 day challenge as a "once in a while" thing, not something to be done all the time. Sometimes are skin needs a little extra help, especially when you move from a humid environment to a very dry environment.



Okay, got to admit… this before picture is not taken in the best lighting. It was late, I was excited, and I wanted to remain true to how long I said I would add omegas into my routine.. So here it is. You can see that my cheeks, chin, & nose have the most redness. And you can’t tell from my not-so-well-lit photo, but I was beginning to see fine lines on my forehead. This is not a self-depreciation, just an observation.

So what’s the beauty routine?

At night, I would wash my face with Coconut Oil, use the Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner, and follow up with the Juice Plus+ Omega blend oil as a leave-on mask. In the morning I washed my face with the BeautyCounter Charcoal Bar, Thayer’s toner, & BeautyCounter Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer.



Wow. So the redness in my cheeks has DEFINITELY gone down. I am also noticing that my face is starting to STAY moisturized, even as the weather gets colder and the wind becomes brisker outside. This is HUGE. I have been having issues getting my face to STAY moisturized, and wow… just wow.



At this point, I have never felt more comfortable to NOT wear makeup out. While my skin isn’t perfect by any means, and I am starting to get some of that hormonal acne, I am still able to leave the house without thinking about my face. I am also noticing that my face is starting to firm up on my forehead, and the fine lines are starting to lessen. YES!

Week 3:


That moment when you are really bad at selfies and don’t realize your eyes are closing. Awkward. However, I am still noticing significant changes in my skin. At this point, I have MAYBE worn makeup out of the house 2 or 3 times per week, and my night time routine is really starting to pay off. The redness is almost completely gone, and even though I have a few blemishes, they aren’t as severe or painful as before. This is awesome.



I am SO glad I took pictures for this. Not only do I have firmer, glowing skin… I can also see some changes in my nails and hair too. After getting a major haircut for the first time in a while, I am noticing how quickly my hair grows without me noticing. However, my skin is the biggest transformation I am feeling & noticing.  If you are interested in your own 30 day Omega blend challenge OR have questions about what I'm doing, please send me a quick message or schedule a free consultation.

**Since this post, I have began a new process of transitioning to green beauty, if you have any suggestions on vegan makeup fit for sensitive skin, please shoot me a private message!