5 Realistic Holistic Goals You Can Set NOW

There's that time of the year, after the holidays, which comes around and haunts every active consumer in the States... You know what I’m talking about: the Holiday Season.

By the time January rolls around, Christmas cholesterol courses through our veins, and the “Holiday Hangover” forces us to make a hard decision about ourselves. Most of you, if you're like me, maybe you've said to yourself, "In 2018 I'm going to get fit, active, etc," but then "fall off the wagon" only a few months in.

During that season, it's cold outside, all you want is carbs, and all you wanna do is nap. I get it. I'm right there with you and over the last few years I have found that REALISTIC goal setting for when it comes to health has been the most helpful in to avoiding negative food-culture fads.

What do I mean by "Realistic Health Goals?"

Let's make something very clear, I'm all about crushing a new health goal. I have insane drive where I can look at it, & smash it, but it isn’t always this easy. Growing up on a ranch, in the heart of Texas, "healthy lifestyles" were for those within a 5 mile radius of a gym. This was not something we could realistically get into. While that may sound like an excuse to most… it's a mindset that's hard to shift if all you've known is how difficult working out is.

Most of the people I talk to to ranging from young 20-somethings to grandparents have an array of things to say when I ask them about their health goals.

"I could NEVER do what you do,"

'I could NEVER give up (fill-in-the-blank),"

"I just don't have time for a lifestyle change,"

These phrases I encounter then counter with the question or few.

"What do you have to lose?"

"What are you doing to avoid the family disease that you're so anxious about acquiring?"

"What is your health worth to you?"

Now, before I jump further with some realistic goals you CAN set, think about those questions.

RealTalk: If you don't WANT to be healthier and just want to treat the symptom so that you comfortable, you should probably try & mediate on those things before you ask for help. 

All I’m saying is, If you don’t really want it for the long-haul, no health fad will ever save you: not special workout DVDs, not pink drinks, and no juice cleanse or detox program will do your body good.

So what ARE some Realistic Holistic Goals you can set this year?

1. BE realistic.

Infomercials and drive-through food places have literally/figuratively fed the "instant gratification" dragon that lives inside each and everyone one of us living in the States. There is no easy way to say this, but: change doesn't happen overnight, especially when it comes to our health. You don't heal from a stab wound overnight, don't expect to lose 50 pounds in 6 weeks either. And if you are losing 50 lbs in 6 weeks, there might be some serious repercussions to what's going on in your body. Read my experience in one of my previous blog posts.


2. One Simple Change

"But I can't stomach even one fork-full of salad," you may say. I get it. I couldn't either unless it was slathered in ranch. But here I am today, 100% vegan, still eating ranch & lots of plants with it. If a girl like me can go from steak & potatoes to tofu scramble, anyone can. How did I do it? I started with taking my powdered produce capsules. They're basically a salad-bar in a capsule clinically researched to be as bioavailable as the food we eat. In fact findings from the last 20 years with the Children's Health Study have found the kids actually CRAVE MORE fruits and veggies when taking the Juice Plus+ powdered produce as part of a healthy lifestyle. WOW. Science RULES.


3. Start with Walking

You don't have to do Crossfit, you don’t have to train for a marathon, you don't have to do Insanity to get physical results health results. There's no way you could have paid me to get in the gym in the beginning of this health journey. Listen to your body, give yourself a personal challenge, grab an accountability person, and be consistent.

4. Take the Stairs (It's the little things)

You don't have to circle the parking lot for an extra 10 minutes for "Princess Parking" when your lazy ass could have already been in the store in half the time just by walking.  Save some time and use some of that built up energy for some good use! The more of those little changes you'll make, the more confident you'll be to healthier decisions than before

5. Be consistent.

Haven’t I said this before? Oh, if I could go back to my younger self and remind me that things take time. We humans often forget the importance of taking consistent small steps. The more we practice, the better we get at whatever it is we’re doing. And making those small steps every day will eventually lead to something different than before. That’s because if we’re taking steps, we’re more than likely moving forward in some sort of direction. Almost 3 years later of being vegan, I can tell you that my “body didn’t change” physically until about a year and a half into it. If I had stopped before a year, who knows where I would be now!

So there you have it.

5 simple mindsets to practice in order to experience a better, healthier you. If you have questions or need accountability in making simple changes to your health routine, we're forming online community groups monthly for FREE! If this sounds like something you can do and you need some extra encouragement or extended tips, contact us at amybeth@thatveganwife.com.

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