3 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Denver to try on your next visit

Bar inside City O' City

Bar inside City O' City

Front of Watercourse Foods

Front of Watercourse Foods

There is a reason that Colorado is known as a magical land of mountains and weather, but the food has it's place, too. Not only does Denver have the magic of the mountains next-door, but there are also many plant-foodie-friendly places here that will knock your socks off. If you’re not a herbivore like myself, I dare you to try one of these places and tell me their food is not divine. So without further ado…

In no particular order:


Watercourse Foods

Watercourse sits on the corner of 17th Street & North Emerson Street in uptown. The first thing my hubby and I did when we moved here was google all the “vegan” restuarants that we could possibly eat at. This was one of our first stops, and we were hooked. While this place sits in a cutsy neighborhood & down the street from some fun places to eat, this place is a little but more unsuspecting than the rest. When you walk into the joint (see what I did there? Colorado joke.), there is presence of good vibes and beautiful people. I love this place because it’s the hub of where people want to be. Atleast people who eat vegan want to be. The music is nice and the service is great as the staff is generally pretty knowledgeable about what the menu is. There is also a great collection of treats, gifts, and a sweet coffee bar up front. And yes, the food taste great. We’ve been in their so often that we know exactly what we want when we sit down… and sometimes we don’t because everything on the menu is on point.

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City O’City

The location of this place is central to some pretty cool sweet-spots of Downtown Denver. Located between the Buffalo Exchange (one of the best resale shops around) & The Clyfford Still Museum (a great educational spot with great views, if you’re wondering) on 13th street, you’ll see that this is one of the most popular stops in the area. Being that this place can get quite busy, especially after 7:00 pm, I’d plan for a wait. You can plan some extra time and walk around outside, visit the shops next door, or check out the wall murals in the alley-ways. Either way, there are sights to see if your patient enough to wait. Every food item on the menu is different, so keep in mind that not everything is vegan, but you can probably make it vegan if you asked. Service has always been helpful & friendly for myself, too. I’d reccommend this place if you want to pursue happy hour. Full bar service is available in a few locations inside this restuarant. Want a treat to-go, check out the coffee bar on the way out.

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You might have to travel to South Denver for this one, but it’s worth the drive if you’re a lover of cold-pressed juice, smoothies, and grain/green bowls. While not everything is vegan friendly, you can customize your own order. For the juice-lovers out there like Emily & myself, this is the perfect spot to stop and grab a glass. For one, you can watch them make the juice right in front of you. No pouring from a fridge-bound pitcher, it’s straight from the source. On top of that, GrabbaGreen offers beautifully delicious whole-food smoothies for those of us who love a blended sweet-treat.

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