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If you know me well, then you’ll know that I’m excited about the things I’ve found helpful in my journey to becoming vegan. There are a lot of great products these days that claim “plant-based”, and the list keeps getting longer as veganism spreads quickly. However, as much as I am excited about the things that I’m using and buying, I don’t use my money-vote lightly.

I’ve always been a experiential learner and want to make sure that I get the best bang for my buck, so after using vegan (and non-vegan) products that have disappointed me in the past, I’ve learned that it’s worth the time researching into something you’re spending your hard-earned money on.

Read more of my story in my post, The How and Why Behind ThatVeganWife.

So, occasionally when people ask me where I find the recipes I’m using or what vegan-friendly restaurants I’m eating at, I always try and recommend the best with honest feedback. Everyone deserves the best possible information and experience from the products and places they’re choosing to invest their time & money into. So, with that here are a list of things I think you should try if you’re looking for the BEST!

**Note: As time goes on, I will also keep this post updated with new fresh finds that come my way in this journey! Keep a lookout on my social media pages for new things you might want to try, too.

**Last Updated: 12/9/18

How do you find places to eat that are veg-friendly? has been a goldmine for me when it comes to finding vegan options. We’ve been able to enjoy life without the animal cruelty by simply going to their app or website and putting in our zipcode and finding a spot. It’s that simple. Another cool feature about this is that you can use this anywhere in the world.

Click the image to find Vegan Options near you!

Click the image to find Vegan Options near you!

What are your favorite breakfast & dessert spots?

I have THREE favorite spots to hit up when I can and am in need of fulfilling a brunch or dessert hole in my stomach. Those top three being.

  1. Watercourse Foods - Breakfast/Brunch served all day, located in Denver, Colorado

  2. Cinnaholic - ALL Vegan Cinnamon Roll Shop with Nationwide locations

  3. Voodoo Doughnuts - Doughnuts… obviously, also has Nationwide locations


How do you get your protein?

Honestly, we eat a lot of beans, legumes, & tofu in our house. There is protein in most plants you’ll eat, along with other important phytonutrients, but we stick to these basics most of the time.

When we’re going out to eat, I’ll usually get some sort of vegan sausage or organic soy-based product as a treat, but because most of these replacements are processed, we only eat them on occasion.

How do you know what to have in your pantry?

I’ll admit that a lot of time and learning went into forming the “perfect” vegan pantry, and while I plan to write a blog on this soon, I’ve created a Youtube video with some good information on some staples to make sure to have!

If you’re looking for more suggestions, check out this more extensive list on Live Eat Learn.

Where do you find your recipes?

I use Pinterest all the time when finding new recipes. Check out my VEGAN Board and see what I’m eating. Yes, I do eat most of the things I pin!! If it doesn’t look realistic for my budget or time, I usually give it a hard pass.

Also don’t forget to download my FREE 6 Week Vegan Meal Plan for starters.


What supplements are you using?

Powdered Produce

I use whole food nutrition products that bridge the gap between what I’m not getting and what I should be getting into my body. The best products for the job are the Juice Plus+ products. They have capsules, gummies, a plant-based Omega capsule, and nutritional drink mixes & snack bars. We incorporate the three blends of produce capsules daily with the shakes as our on-the-go breakfasts.

Oil of Oregeno

This is something we incorporated since last winter and it has proven to boost our immunity during the colder months. It also helped with our seasonal allergies. We try and take this one every day.

Activated Charcoal Capsules

These aid with my irregular & sensitive digestive tract. They’ve saved my ass hundreds of times… literally. I don’t take these all the time, just as needed.


This is something I am currently experimenting with in regards to my mental health. I’ve recently been led to look at adaptogens to balance my body’s fight or flight mode. This section will be updated over the next few months!


What makeup are you using?

At the moment, I am barely wearing makeup. Everything I've tried up to this point (BeautyCounter, Tarte, & Kat Von D) have caused reactions and rashes on my face. 

Got suggestions? Send me a quick message!

What other things do you do to stay "healthy?"


In fact, I do a whole lot of different things that correlate with my health. Just a few things I incorporate to my routine:


Yoga has been a new practice of mine since this year when a friend dragged me with her downtown Denver to a beginners class. I never thought I could be flexible enough, but after doing it now for over 3 months, I’m finding the benefits moving to different areas of my life. I attempt to attend regular classes at Kindness Yoga here in Colorado.


Since I have a history or Scoliosis and continued side effects from my major back surgery, I make sure to go in and see my chiropractor at leas tthree times a week. This is not something I think I could do without as it has completely changed the way my body functions over the last year. I go see Dr. Patti Gonzalez at Elevation Health located in Denver.

FSM Therapy/Prayer/Energy Reading

This is something new that I just started trying out. What is FSM? FSM therapy is the use of specific minute amounts of electrical current which stimulate cells to create ATP or “cell energy.” When this occurs your body becomes capable of using this self-healing energy to speed up and necessary corrections in damaged tissue. When the body is injured, the cells are more resistant to electrical input. This is called reduced capacitance. Microcurrent therapy improves cell capacitance allowing for healing to take place. I started incorporating this to heal from trauma and have seen great results in improving my panic and anxiety attacks. I go see Kim Rivera with K Wellness.

What vegan products do you reccomend?

Just to name a few…

Hummus Pods

Hummus Pods were introduced to me through a connection on Instagram, and now I LOVE them! They’re not gluten-free, but if you’re not gluten-intolerant and just want a fun snack, get yourself some Hummus Pods. What’s better than hummus inside a pita?! Watch my video with my Hummus Pod review.


This is a company who has the ocean in mind as they are creating ways to reduce drinking straw waste. Since this company found me and shared with me what they do, I have invested in the smoothie straws and have not looked back.

Qrunch Organics

I recently met Corey, the brand manager for Qrunch Foods at the Colorado Veg Fest and connected with her about having them on the radio. Since then, we’ve worked together to spread the message about their vegan/gluten-free friendly breakfast & burger items through the power of social media.

Listen to the radio show recording here.

Try the Burger Salad recipe I shared here.

Juice Plus+

While this company doesn’t claim to be specifically vegan, their values and products align with the same ideas and mission behind making the world a better place. I’ve been a representative for almost 3 years now, and actually started making changes towards a vegan lifestyle after having awesome health results by consistently eating more plants through their products. You can read the results from the clinical testing on these products here. This company also promotes healthy growing with their aeroponic growing system called the Tower Garden. Check out mine below!

Ever heard of a Tower Garden?

Ever heard of a Tower Garden?

How do you avoid the temptation of animal products as a newbie vegan?

What I did before I even made the decision to fully “go vegan” was educated myself on the practices behind animal products. That meant I watched most of the “scary vegan documentaries” on Netflix, did quite a bit of googling, and then experience plants for myself. These were steps I took in forming what people call: their “why.”Everyone has their own journey, and we’re all just doing the best we can. The more educated you become about the things you’re consuming, the easier it is to abstain from those animal products we used to eat all the time. Yeah, cheesy pizza tastes good, but what about that disgusting food-coma afterwards? What about the practices that went into pleasing your taste-buds? What kind of impact are you having on our environment? These are good questions to ask ourselves.

After a while of making plant-based decisions, and forgiving ourselves when we mess up, will become easier over time.

Things you can do NOW to avoid temptation: bring your own snacks, learn to enjoy cooking, try new recipes, look up vegan-friendly places in your town on Happy Cow, and be kind to yourself in the process of making the switch.