Why I Created the Realistic Holistic Course

One of the things that bothers me most about the current health culture is we get a lot of the “what’s” but not enough of the “how-to’s” when it comes to taking action in making better health decisions. Sometimes, the “what’s” don’t even make sense or are overwhelming to someone when they’re first trying out the whole “healthy thing.”

Right before the holiday season of 2015 was when I decided to go plantbased, and I had no one to help me.

Brandon and I on our family cruise in December 2015

Brandon and I on our family cruise in December 2015

There was no one holding my hand telling me what kind of food to make or even how to season it; no one to tell me how to go grocery shopping at the local Wal-Mart; and no one explaining to me why this would actually work in regards to health changes. I had to figure this thing all by myself.

It was challenging maneuvering going to restaurants & social gatherings, and I had no idea where to start when it came to recipes. I could go into the gory details of what went wrong during that first year, but that calls for another blog post.

Recipes I tried back in 2015: Sweet Potato Casserole (left) & Stuffed Acorn Squash (right)

Recipes I tried back in 2015: Sweet Potato Casserole (left) & Stuffed Acorn Squash (right)

Another thing that really concerns me in our current health culture is the over-advertised, under-researched, conflicting health advice being given without warrant for people’s long term well being and sustainability.

With experience in both “Corporate America” & Advertising Agency settings, I’ve learned the tricks that advertisers pull to gain customers, even if their product isn’t that good. Designing everything from billboards to online ads with high promises for financial gain, I’ve also learned that people fall for things pretty easily now days… and we, as humans, tend to make things hella complicated for no reason.

Not all advertising is untrue, however, consumers have got to be more aware of how their decisions are making an impact on themselves as well as the world around them.

That’s why I created the Realistic Holistic 6-Week Course. It’s a 'no fads, just food' experience open for those who are looking for simple, realistic solutions to improve their health and the health of their families.


During our 6 weeks together, I will explain the simple tools of how to make a plant based meal plan, recipe suggestions, how to manage grocery shopping on a budget, as well as why plants are good for our bodies & minds!


I also incorporate the double-blind, clinically researched whole food nutrition products by Juice Plus+. The Juice Plus+ products are what they say they are with evidence to back them up, and the phytonutrients within are sure to fill in the gaps of our bodies need from produce daily, making the transition to eating more plants easier.

Designed with you in mind, the Realistic Holistic course has the tools you’ve been needing to make the health goals you’re wanting.

Take note, that with any sort of health journey, things take TIME. Your body is not Amazon Prime, it’s not going to show up in 2 days. We’ve got to be gentle and loving with ourselves & those around us in the process, and I hope that the tools provided will make your dreams come true.


Amy Beth