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Qrunch Buffalo Burger Salad


One misconception people have when they talk to me about what I eat as a vegan is that my diet is rich in… sticks & grass. Insert Eye Roll Here

“So, what do you eat…?”

While a ‘sticks & grass’ diet is far from the truth, and salads are NOT my first food choice (nor have they ever been), I have found a way to make a simple salad this is sure to please any salad-hating individual. It’s called: the Buffalo Burger Salad, and I have my web designer to thank for this one.

Since Callie kindly shared with me her burger salad recipe, I have found my own way of making it with a particular burger patty that will bring plenty and “qrunch” and flavor to your palette. This lunch & dinner friendly food combo is:





a little Spicy


Nutrient Dense

and it’s actually HEALTHY.


Qrunch Buffalo Burger Salad


- 1-2 buffalo-style Qrunch Saucy Buffalo Burgers

- Handful of halved Grape Tomatoes

- ¼ of a cucumber, thinly sliced

- Half of an Avocado, sliced

- Couple of handfuls of Mixed Greens or Spinach

- Vegan Ranch

- Opt. Buffalo Sauce


1. Cook the Qrunch Patties as instructed (baked or skillet)

2. While patties are cooking, create your salad bed using spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, and grape tomatoes

3. Once Qrunch patties are thoroughly cooked, slide them on top of your salad bed

4. Top with Vegan Ranch and a drizzle of Buffalo Sauce for extra kick

5. Eat & Enjoy!


These patties are sure to please the palate as they absorb all the flavor of the ranch and buffalo sauce! My mouth is watering just writing this.

Want to know more about Qrunch and here from the inspiration herself? Take a listen to our time with Corey, the brand manager of Qrunch Organics when we had her on our LA Talk Radio show, State of the Oceans.

Trying this recipe for yourself? Post a picture of your dish and tag @ThatVeganWife and @QrunchOrganics so we can see!

How to Make the Qrunch Buffalo Burger Salad: