Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Denver, Colorado


When you live in a place like Denver, Colorado, where the air is supposedly cleaner & people are more health conscious, you’ll be sure to find a place to eat that has vegan friendly options. One of the things that we did back when we first moved to the mountain state was scope out the best vegan places we could sink our teeth into. After almost 2 years of living here, I think we’ve finally found the best of the best.

So, in no particular order, here are the best vegan restaurants in Denver, Colorado:

1) Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods sits on the corner of 17th & North Emerson Streets in uptown Denver. This was one of our first stops on our ‘vegan restaurant tour,’ and we were immediately hooked. While this place sits in an uptown neighborhood, it is not far from high end cuisine. When you walk in, there is presence of good vibes and beautiful people trying to make the world a better place. The ambiance is nice and the service is great as the staff is generally pretty knowledgeable about what’s on the menu. There is also a great collection of treats, gifts, and a coffee bar up front. And yes, the food tastes better than southern comforts you’d expect of vegan options.

Find anything from the healthier salads, to their amazing brunch menu, and to classics like burgers, fries, and desserts to share.

  • Menu Go-To: BBQ Seitan Wings & The Southern Plate (pictured below), & a Kombucha of the Day… or Irish Coffee.

2) Meta-Burger

If you’re searching for the perfect burger during your time in Denver, make sure to stop by Meta Burger. While this place has only been around since August 2018, they have made a huge boom in the restaurant industry, taking home the prize for People’s Choice Plant-Based Burger at the Miami Food & Wine Festival last year.

That happened only 3 months into their business, by the way.

If their awards don’t speak of them enough for you, their plant-based patties sure will! You can find anything from a savory Patty Melt, to the Sweet Hawaiian Burger, to Chili Cheese Dogs, to even ‘Chicken’ Cesar Salads (if you’re trying to be ‘healthy’). I have yet to find something that we don’t like and am not embarrassed to admit that it has become our Sunday afternoon regular place to be. They even have Regular AND Spicy ‘Chicken’ Sandwiches (on Sundays)! Take that Chick-fil-a!

via  @thatveganwife  Instagram

via @thatveganwife Instagram

3) Vegan Van

Finding the Vegan Van was like finding a miracle on wheels. This rolling establishment drove into our lives after my husband & I decided to make a date downtown where we found it sitting in front of Alternation Brewery Company. We were so impressed with the menu that we ended up asking for one of everything. In other instances, these kind of foods would make us feel sick, but they had not affect on our energy!

We’re talking burgers, brats, nachos, buffalo wraps, and even mac and cheese! If you’re looking for the perfect vegan junk food, make sure to find that Vegan Van.

  • Menu Go-To: Coney Island which is their vegan corn dog.

via  @lisaeatsvegan  Instagram

via @lisaeatsvegan Instagram

4) Beet Box Bakery & Cafe

This little sweet shop has more to offer than just gluten-free, vegan donuts & cakes, but that’s a good enough reason to check this place out, right? This mom & pop shop is always a treat to meet up at with friends for lunch or coffee because of it’s ‘coffee shop vibes.’ It reminds me of the little coffee shop I’d frequent when I was working downtown Abilene, Texas, which takes me back to a simpler time.

Yes, everything on the Beet Box menu is vegan and their lunch menu has surprising selection of hearty melted sandwiches with a filling selection of sides to chose from.

  • Click HERE to see their sandwich menu

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  • Go-To: The Avocado Melt never disappoints!

5) Sputnik

This spunky little spot serves to be one of the best places for drinks & foods alike. We were surprised to find this little treasure trove on the busy street of Broadway which houses the perfect walking trail for window shopping and unique bars & buys. With a diverse menu, they also have made sure to include a delicious selection of food for vegans out there who are looking to enjoy this dive bar.

Sputnik is the perfect place to go for late night eats, drinks, & brunch. They have everything from salads, to corndogs & fried pickles, to even a delicious selection of vegan sauces for dipping. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Menu Go-To: White BBQ Sandwich with sweet potato fries (but really anything is good)

via  @denvervegfood  Instagram

via @denvervegfood Instagram