Why I'm (Still) Vegan


I have been asked the question, “What inspired you to go vegan?” a lot, and while that can be answered in one of my first blogs, The How and Why Behind ThatVeganWife, I think it’s good to take some time every once in a while to re-evaluate our values.

The simple answer to this “Why” question is: I was sick & tired of being sick & tired.

If you have taken time to read over my experience, then you’ll learn that I have an extensive background in chronic pain, the health-care system, and an ill-informed upbringing around food & its impact on the quality of our own lives. I also lived most of my years surrounded by a culture centered around its food, a lack of knowledge of what’s on the end of our forks, paired with the growing diet culture & food fads.

But, now… it’s become much bigger than any of those things.

After finally achieving a consistent state of health where I’ve been able to think & see more clearly, I have realized that choosing this lifestyle & the intention of compassionate living has allowed me to become part of a movement beyond my own health. While, yes, our health is important, the world around us is in need of a serious makeover. Here’s why I see it this way.

If you’ve been following me over the last almost-year & a half, then you’ll know that I am a weekly co-host on an LA Talk Radio show called, State of the Oceans. It’s over this time of being brought on the show where I lead the healthy vegan segment that I’ve found out how much I actually DON’T know.

Having the opportunity to sit next to some of the world’s longest standing animal activists & leaders in environmental conservation is something I never thought I would be doing, but I am so glad I’m here.

It’s with Captain Paul Watson & the other hosts that I’ve been “going to school” every single week, learning about the greater impacts that my food choices are making. They’ve taught me the importance of our oceans, how bad factory farming can be on animals & environment, and the inside scoop from experiences far beyond my own.


It’s not just about how we feel inside, but the connectedness that this whole “vegan” thing can offer if you open your eyes to it. Look at it this way:

Our personal choices affect our environment/others,

the environment/others impact our food sources,

available food sources affect our physical & mental health,

health can impact our finances,

our financial ability funds our personal choices,

which takes us back full circle.

There’s still a lot that I don’t know, and these ambiguous terms could mean a variety of things to many different people, but if we’re not careful this can be a downward spiral of personal destruction. My own “quarter-life crisis” was the end of my own destructive downward spiral & woke me up to my own sleepiness to the fact that I CAN’T just treat my body how I want to and expect to get out scott-free!

If you’re joining me in this journey, and don’t know where to start, it’s okay. I’ve been in your shoes in some form or fashion and want to show you that this lifestyle is more attainable privileged bloggers have led the public to believe. I’m here to tell you, that this isn’t easy, but there are simple daily/weekly practices we can take in order to make the transition we’ve always wanted: into better health for ourselves and the world.

If that sounds like you, if you’re stuck with not knowing what to do or how to move forward, I am excited to tell you that I have a FREE “Vegan School” Course launching April 1, 2019, and I want you to be there.

This is NOT a nutritional-advice class, this a realistic-holistic training to get you headed in a better direction towards plant-based living. I am not a formally trained expert in the health arena, but I will quote the experts in their respected arenas.

If you’re curious for more, or just need a helping hand, make sure you sign up to be a part of early enrollment. I look forward to seeing you there!