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What makes ThatVeganWife, “ThatVeganWIFE,” is Amy Beth’s other half, Brandon. Together, since the beginning of friendship, they have learned what it means to commit to the community mindset as well as committing to themselves to work through the trauma their childhoods allowed them to face.

Along the way, through the journey of friendship, engagement, and marriage, and all the experiences in between, obstacles tried to bring them down as individuals as well as a couple. However, with joy and determination, Brandon & Amy Beth have fought for themselves & their marriage leaving them more to share.

This is their story of [continual] transformation.

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We were married in the Spring of 2014, but dated close to a year before that.

Brandon is a NEWLY licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and works with clients ranging from families, individuals, adolescents, infidelity, and specializes in trauma treatment.

We’ve been talking the idea of writing a book about our experiences as a individuals and as a couple. We thought that a Podcast would be a great start to gathering our content for that in the future!

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