The Black & White Experience (Pt. 1: Dealing with Racism)



Racism; it’s a buzzword that catches headlines in the never-ending news cycle these days and it’s also something we’ve encountered frequently throughout this journey together. In this first of a two part series, we share our personal experiences individually and as a couple in regards to discrimination based on stereotypes.

Important Note: We are risking a lot by sharing our experience in podcast form, so if you're coming to the table to listen, do simply that. Everyone has their right to express their own experiences in their own unique way, and we boldly invite you to the table for a different kind of conversation. Encouraging words and genuine questions are welcome. However, we do not tolerate hate speech or words without thought, so if you have questions, asking them mindfully & try not to dehumanize us in the process.

References to historical stories read are included below in the Time Stamps.

Time Stamps:

0:01: Important Note from Brandon

1:26: Welcome

2:04: Our Collective Racial Experience as a Couple

23:34: B Reads Historical Reference - The Story of Ossian Sweet (from Carol Anderson’s, White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide, p56)

29:55: Brandon reflects on Ossian Sweet

31:20: Amy Beth Shares the White Experience

41:35: Amy Beth Reads Historical Reference - The Behind the Scenes Story of President Reagan (from Carol Anderson’s, White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide, p124)

46:10: Amy Beth reflects on Reagan

47:35: Brandon Shares the Black Experience

1:08:21: IN CLOSING - Talking About Race With One Another

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