The Black & White Experience (Pt. 2: Facing Racism)



After sharing our experiences with you all, it's a good thing to educationally explain some of the concepts and situations that we faced. In this episode, Brandon & Amy Beth lead a discussion on different types of culturally sensitive issues including that of white privilege, redlining, and systemic racism. This topic can be uncomfortable for some people, so we advise bringing your listening & learning ears to the conversation. While this will be our last podcast (for now) on this topic, we highly encourage self-exploration into this topic. A list of resources you can learn from is listed below the Time Stamps.

Time Stamps:

00:01 - Discussion Disclaimer with Amy Beth

00:53 - Peas in Progress Intro

01:31 - Explaining our Experience / What keeps us from talking about racism?

13:01 - Who decided Race? / Brandon reads from the book: White Fragility by Robin Diangelo (pg 17)

15:04 - Defining Racism / Googled terms you should be familiar with

25:50 - Cultural Appropriation: The Harlem Shake

26:53 - The Harlem Shake:

27:27 - The ORIGINAL Harlem Shake:

28:41 - Defining Experiences / More terms you should know

33:51 - The Politics of Race / The Story of Jackie Robinson // Amy Beth Reads from the book: White Fragility (pg 26)

35:16 - Let's talk about this

36:10 - White Supremacy (read from White Fragility page 30-31)

38:20 - How Can We Move Forward With ALL This?

43:43 - Closing with a quote from Robin Diangelo

Anti-Racism Resources:

Book: White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

Book: White Rage by Carol Anderson, PhD

Podcast: Episode 34 - Black and White: Racism in America from The Liturgists Podcast in Podcasts:

Youtube: How to Talk About Race, Identity, & Activism Online with Franchesca Ramsey & Marie Forleo

Anti-Racism Self-Work Resource: Me and White Supremacy Work Book created by Layla F. Saad:

Social Activists & Educators to follow & learn from on Instagram:







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