So, you think you're a "People Pleaser?"

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Have you ever called yourself a people pleaser or know someone who has?

We’re BACK with Season 2 of Peas in Progress and this time with special guest, Ahdri Kent, People Pleasing Addiction Recovery Guide. With Ahdri’s “whimsdom”, we’re here to share why & how People Pleasing can affect all areas of your life. It’s a sneaky little “personality trait” that comes with a heavy load of consequences and believe it or not, but it’s something we can heal from.


00:00 - Guest Introduction: Ahdri Kent, People Pleasing Addiction Recovery Guide

02:41 - Peas in Progress Introduction/Disclaimer

03:19 - Ahdri introduces herSELF

06:52 -  How Ahdri got HERE

19:02 - Brandon breaks down People Pleasing patterns

28:23 - How People Pleasing can ruin your life

36:45 - Screw awareness

41:42 - Something that can destroy your world deserves your attention (Ahdri explains)

50:05 - The first step to recovery

59:53 - Amy Beth gets honest about her people pleasing recovery

1:05:22 - Ahdri explains the mental block behind a People Pleaser’s recovery

1:06:46 - Brandon talks “change”

1:11:02 - What are the “symptoms” of People Pleasing?

1:21:50 - “Oh shit, I’m a People Pleaser. What do I do?”

1:35:53 - Outro & How to find/work with Ahdri