The "V" Word


Okay, so we're talking about Veganism and whether or not we both subscribe to the same outlook on this whole thing. Not the "V-Word" I led you to believe, but if you got it, *internet high-five* to you! We'll be diving into how we got into this lifestyle, and I'll be sharing a snippet from the radio show I'm apart of giving a little more insight into why I started Vegan School. Enrollment is FREE.

Listen in as Amy Beth & Brandon dig deeper into the idea of plant-based living & give tips for "Veganners," so you'll want to stick around till the end!


00:01 - ThatVeganWife talks about Vegan School on LA Talk Radio

5:29 - Peas In Progress Intro/Disclaimer

6:10 - Where have we been lately?

7:45 - What it really means to "go vegan."

9:10 - Amy Beth shares her Vegan Story

17:17 - [MUSIC BREAK] Morning Coffee by Not Yourself

17:45 - Brandon shares his Plant-"bae"sed Story

24:30 - [MUSIC BREAK] Getsomerest/sleepwell by quickly quickly

25:15 - How our past shaped us

32:20 - Are we BOTH Vegan? Question, answered.

33:35 - [MUSIC BREAK] 90s Mindz by Dr. Drumah

33:52 - Tips for "Veganners"

42:45 - Why Vegan School?


Intro & Outro: in my life by datfootdive