October 10, 2018


Guest: Corey Holley, Brand Manager & Inspiration for Qrunch Organics

Timestamps: 3:51, 15:25, 19:20, and 39:05


After a few minutes of technical difficulties, (3:51) Captain Paul starts us off with updates on Operaton Malagro and BREAKING NEWS about Hurricane Michael and it's impact on the West Florida Coast. There are also updates on the African, Mexican, and other campaigns. In light of threatening climate changes, the governments are ignoring what is happening to keep their corporate partners happy. At 15:25, ThatVeganWife asks Captain Paul what his hope for the world is regardless of all the hard news about quickening climate change. We move on to the ThatVeganWife segment, after a brief preview of important information about Hurricane Michael, where we are introduced to Corey, the brand manager and inspiration for Qrunch Organics (19:20). Corey tells us about the inspiration behind Qrunch, what kind of vegan products they provide, as well as info on their upcoming event in SoCal at VegFest on October 20th. We close out our show with more updates on Hurricane Michael and information about how to help by Sia Barbi (39:05).