October 24, 2018


Guest: Chrissy Dinardo, Development Director for Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Timestamps: 2:05, 6:00, 17:05, 45:20


With Jana's absence, ThatVeganWife hosts this week along with Captain Paul Watson, Sia Barbi, and BB Starr with special guest Chrissy Dinardo from Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. Captain Paul starts us off (2:05) with exciting news from Sea Shepherd out of Operation Malagro and the helicopter crash, as well as breaking news about attacks on Sea Shepherd efforts with Operation Jairo (6:00). Conversation leads to about specific marine animals like the Vaquita and misconceptions about Sharks. Sometimes technology gets the best of us, which is where Paul dropped off in the middle of conversation. Moving forward, ThatVeganWife introduces our guest Chrissy Dinardo (17:05) where she shares her personal story behind her movement to veganism, what Luvin Arms is, how people can get involved, and a few stories of animals who have been rescued by this Sanctuary. ThatVeganWife closes the show (45:20) with new information about how Millennials are shifting food culture and some ways of how to combat Climate Change. This was an exciting show to listen to!