October 31, 2018


Hosts: Captain Paul Watson, Jani Schulz, Sia Barbi, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife

Timestamps: 1:55, 15:15, 24:45


Jani is back hosting this week along with Captain Paul Watson who starts us off with news of Sea Shepherd (1:55). Tug of war with poachers ended up in a win in pulling in illegal nets, the leader of the Totoaba mafia was arrested, positive updates on operations of the coats of Liberia, Gabon, & Tanzania. Sia Barbi leads discussion on how Halloween proves to be dangerous for animals, especially black cats (15:15), and how to keep animals safe from those who try and take advantage of their vulnerability. ThatVeganWife shares Spooky Vegan Facts (24:45) with the gang talking about how eating animals affects the environment and the science happening inside the human body. Rabbit trails back and forth, we end the show on things you can do NOW to switch to a more plant-based lifestyle.

Resources Mentioned:


LA Times Article: To make a burger, first you need 660 gallons of water ..

World Health Organization Carcinogenic Press Release

Scientific Reports: Evidence that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is rapidly accumulating plastic

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