November 14, 2018



Captain Paul Watson, Jani Schulz, Sia Barbi, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife


2:05 - Captain Paul Watson with Sea Shepherd Updates

12:30 - Information about how to help with the latest California Wildfire Disaster #CampFire

25:30 - Guest Matthew Coates of Meta Burger


(2:05) Captain Paul Watson starts us out with news in Sea Shepherd with updates on their vessels including the Sharpie as well as interventions to keep the Vaquita from going extinct. Good news in that 14,000 turtles have been protected because of efforts, and the vessel the Martin Sheen is going on off the Guadalupe Island doing research is going well. Also mentioned is that Sea Shepherd has also been able to also retrieve more than 10 illegal fish aggravators because of their efforts. (12:30) After a few questions for Captain Paul, Jani shares information about how to donate for the disastrous fires out in California and discussion about how and why these are so bad happens. (25:30) We take a transition to introduce/host our guest, Matt who is the co-owner of award winning Meta Burger in Denver, Colorado that provides affordable & healthier food favorites. With a bigger picture in mind, Matt tells us about how the vision for Meta Burger started, where it plans to go next, and a taste into what the menu is like! You'll leave this episode hungry, so bring a snack

Emergency Resources mentioned for the California Wildfires:

Jen Ratliff, #CampFire - Text (502) 457- 9247 if you need direct assistance

North Valley Animal Disaster Group on Facebook

WWEC Evacuation Emergency on Facebook - Treating fire victims for FREE at their mobile clinic at Pierce College. They desperate need of medical supplies.

Douglas Boulevard Veterinary Clinic - (916) 791-1111

For more resources and connections visit Barbi Twins on Twitter or Katie Cleary World Animal News to find out more

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