Nobvember 28, 2018



Captain Paul Watson, Jani Schulz, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife


We have plenty to talk about this week with recent news of the White House’s recent National Climate Assessment released the day after Thanksgiving. Captain Paul starts us out with Sea Shepherd news highlighting this assessment, but the rest of the show is a continued conversation led by ThatVeganWife where she reads direct quotes from the report about how Climate Change is already reaping effects. ThatVeganWife gives updated information about the California Wildfires via our missed host, Sia Barbi of the Barbi Twins.

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Emergency Resources for the California Wildfires (#CampFire):

Jen Ratliff, #CampFire - Text (502) 457- 9247 if you need direct assistance

North Valley Animal Disaster Group on Facebook

WWEC Evacuation Emergency on Facebook - Treating fire victims for FREE at their mobile clinic at Pierce College. They desperate need of medical supplies.

Douglas Boulevard Veterinary Clinic - (916) 791-1111

For more resources and connections visit Barbi Twins on Twitter or Katie Cleary World Animal News to find out more

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