December 12, 2018



Vegan Chef Leslie Durso


Captain Paul Watson, Jani Schulz, BB Star, ThatVeganWife


(2:25) Captain Paul Watson starts us by sharing the latest news in Sea Shepherd, including latest news of Sea Shepherd retrieving nets that were intended on catching the Vaquita. We even get to hear his young son, Tiger, as he joins us while on the road this week! (14:20) ThatVeganWife introduces our guest, Leslie Durso, who's a vegan chef, vegan retreat host, with features in Forbes, VegNews, and For the remainder of the show, this previous guest catches us up on what she's been doing down in Punta Mita, Mexico since joining us back in May and gives new vegans pointers on how to navigate the holidays as a vegan.

Big shout out to Sia Barbi who we're missing this week. She is still working in the aftermath of the Campfire California Fire in returning lost pets to their owners. Click here to keep up with their journey. Click here for resources in helping the communities affected by these fires.

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