December 5, 2018

That-Vegan-Wife-State-of-the-oceans-la-talk-radio-dec-5-california wildfires.png


Jani Schulz, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife

Elizabeth Whitener from Routes of the Rootless & Civilian Rescue Coordinator


With Captain Paul out traveling this week & Sia still helping with the after-math of the California wildfires, Jani leads us through the latest news of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. (2:40) After the update on our State of the Oceans, ThatVeganWife introduces our guest, Elizabeth Whitener who shares with us about her traveling blog & how she recently became involved in Civilian Rescue working with disaster after-math of Hurricane Michael & the California Wildfires. (14:45) For the end-of-the-show vegan segment, ThatVeganWife shares what she’s learned over the last year of being on the show! (42:00) Happy birthday to Captain Paul Watson & happy anniversary to ThatVeganWife. The best is yet to come.

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