April 18, 2018

Guest: Thomas Ponse, Barbara Wiseman, & Captain Scott



Captain Paul Watson opens up with sad news of 3 more orca whales killed for black market materials. ThatVeganWife gives her opinion (at 14:20) about Chef Gorden Ramsey’s switch to a vegan lifestyle. Celebrities going vegan is interesting. Then Sia brings on guest, Thomas Ponse who is a founder and president for Lobby for Animals at only 17 years old. Also featured on this show is previous guest Barbara Wiseman who’s introducing Captain Scott, who saw the need for a fresh view of teaching and tutoring many of the students that visited his programs to better prepare them for the constantly changing challenges of the modern world. First Thomas talks about how he got to where he is in his journey and activism, where then we transition to talking with Barbara & Captain Scott who shares with us the details of how he created a sea-based school called the Ultimate Adventure Academy. It includes a tutoring program, and a fully accredited high school and 2-year college diploma programs. Pretty cool stuff!