September 12, 2018

Guests: Sophie from Cruelty Free International

TIMESTAMP: 25:00-ish & 36:00-ish


Captain Paul Watson gives us more updates about Sea Shepherd, including how Operation Virus Hunter will be moving from Seattle to Costa Rica. Captain Paul highly emphasizes the importance of the whales on our environment and how governments are starting to try & retract laws currently protecting them because of the “guilt over the Indigenous People.” (14:00) Sia introduces Chris Hyde, top animal-welfare lobbyist from Blue Marble Strategies joins us on this episode with guest, Monica who leads Cruelty Free International. They are the group to follow in regards to learning about cruelty free cosmetics. Monica talks about her work on a local & federal level, specifically in the cosmetics industry. ThatVeganWife gets feedback from Monica about animal testing and it's threats to the general public's health. (25:00ish) Emphasis is placed on how your money spent is acting as what you want to support. Monica gives us recommendations on what to look for in and what to watch out for in the companies they decide to use for their cosmetic products. (36:00ish) ThatVeganWife closes it out talking about natural alternatives she uses for her skincare routine.