January 23, 2019



Captain Paul Watson, Sia Barbi, Jani Schulz, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife


Captain Paul Watson gives us the behind-the-scenes on protecting our oceans from illegal-poaching and current situations with Sea Shepherd operations. More conversation continues about Climate Change and how the oceans are being polluted by radiation, chemicals, and trash. It's a lot of information. We also touch on the topic of how sharing this information on the internet and social media where people dislike and pay less attention to harder hitting topics. ThatVeganWife throws in her thoughts on Climate Change as well as what TRUE compassion means for vegans. The show closes out with ThatVeganWife sharing some encouraging stats about the vegan movement including the latest news on the Plant-Based Chicken & Waffles food entry that beat out the "real" thing as Festival Favorite.

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