January 30, 2019 | Amy Rebecca Wilde @VeganScene

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Amy Rebecca Wilde, founder of Vegan Scene, Legends and Vibes, and Vegans of Instagram


Captain Paul Watson, Sia Barbi, Jani Schulz, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife


With an exciting show full of information & a special guest, (2:07) Captain Paul Watson starts us on with his report on news with Sea Shepherd. News brought to us including: Important updates about the Vaquita rescue, Leonardo DiCaprio's Sea of Shadows film, and recent news on Japanese Fishing & Whaling laws. Conversation turns into Climate Change because of the recent record-breaking temperatures in the Midwest. (17:40) Captain Paul tells us what needs to happen in order to heal our planet and our environment and how the vegan movement is growing fast! (23:14) ThatVeganWife transitions conversation by introducing our special guest, Amy Rebecca Wilde, activist turned entrepreneur, founding Vegan Scene & Legends & Vibes. (25:35) Amy shares with us her story and how she was inspired to start these vegan communities and Legends & Vibes fashion line. Other topics covered: how Amy has started a vegan community online; vegan life lessons; and information about how to be intentional with our clothing purchases.

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