February 13, 2019 | Skaana Podcast



Mark Leiren-Young & Rayne Benu


Captain Paul Watson, Jani of the Jungle, BB Star, & ThatVeganWife


(0:44) Show Introduction by Jani of the Jungle leads us into updates by Captain Paul Watson (2:47) & what's happening with Sea Shepherd. Including updates about progress in improvement to prevent attacks at a Vaquita refuge; some good news in Liberia where Sea Shepherd has been cleaning out poachers from Liberian waters; the Sam Simon working to interfere with Dolphin rescue; and good news in Scotland with the shooting of Seals & Salmon netting with questions from the other hosts to follow. (10:30) ThatVeganWife introduces our guests, Mark & Rayne who are authors, creators, & producers of the Skaana podcast which focuses on capturing the life of Orcas & the science behind their miraculous lives. We get the inside scoop behind how they started the podcast, how they got involved in Orca rescue, as well as some fun things Mark is working on, including a new children's book! (48:20) ThatVeganWife closes the show with her "Vegan Minute" updating us on some good news of a friend who just recently made the switch to a vegan lifestyle after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia who was recommended her going plant-based. You don't want to miss the end!

Mark Leiren-Young is author of 'The Killer Whale Who Changed the World' and the upcoming new book, 'Orcas Everywhere;' he was ALSO the Director of The Hundred-Year-Old Whale, and currently hosts the Skaana podcast.

Rayne Benu who is the producer of Skaana podcast and Cinematographer of The Hundred-Year-Old Whale!