March 13, 2019 | NIkkiVegan



Nicole, recipe developer and Vegan Youtuber, NIkkiVegan


Captain Paul Watson, Sia Barbi of The Barbi Twins, Richard Couto or Arm Investigations & ThatVeganWife


**Special Note: The first half of show we experienced some technical difficulties with our host, so thank you for your patience! It gets better & less distracting as the show goes on & during our special guest segment.

(00:45) Richard Couto fills in for Jana this week as our special guest host introducing our hosts of the day & special guest, NikkiVegan. We start off hearing from our main host, Captain Paul Watson who has exciting news out of Costa Rica upon the dropped charges against him which were 8 counts of attempted murder/assault from 17 years ago! He goes on to share details of what this actually looks like for Sea Shepherd and his own ability to travel to Costa Rica. (14:25) Captain Paul tells us more about other world-wide efforts such as the located Sea of Cortez & France (where dolphin slaughter is happening), which leads us to conversations about insight into what it's like to work with local government on social activists issues. (18:17) ThatVeganWife asks Captain Paul Watson a question pointing to topics of "unethical vegan nutritional sources" and the mistreatment of nations & workers harvesting sources like quinoa & soy for tofu. (23:00) Richard Couto gives his own answer in regards to the myth in protein & the mis-education behind nutrients and how the impact our bodies, as well as where they come from. (26:55) ThatVeganWife introduces our guest, Nicole, a YouTube creator with, channel "NikkiVegan," author of the ebook 30 Vegan Breakfasts, and co-host o the weekly YouTube talk show The Vegan View. She comes on to share her story, what inspired her "untraditional" activism, and a (35:45) listen in on what she eats in a day as a busy, entrepreneurial millennial. You'll want to take some notes and make sure to check out her Youtube Channel for more realistic vegan recipes you can actually make yourself. No fads, just food here!

Learn more about NikkiVegan on  Instagram  &  Youtube

Learn more about NikkiVegan on Instagram & Youtube