March 27, 2019 | Amy Rebecca Wilde



Amy Rebecca Wilde, Founder and Owner of Vegan Scene, Legends & Vibes and Vegans of Instagram


Captain Paul Watson, Jana Castleberry Schulz, BB Starr & ThatVeganWife


We're back this week with Captain Paul, Jungle Jana, BB Starr, & ThatVeganWife. (2:30) Captain Paul Watson starts us off with news from Sea Shepherd efforts including the clean-up in CoCos Island, the new movie "Sea of Shadows," the Bob Barker off the coast of Africa, and efforts to rescue birds (illegally) due to local government regulations. "Sea of Shadows" will be shown in Hong Kong, China soon as well as a upcoming documentary called "Watson" which will premiere in New York City in April. After more questions and updates about upcoming events where Captain Paul Watson will be attending, as well as updates from Costa Rica, (23:04) ThatVeganWife introduces our re-turning guest, Amy Rebecca Wilde. Founder of boutique, Vegan Scene, the fashion line Legends & Vibes, and Vegans of Instagram, Amy dives into the launch of her new Kickstarter. She also gives us an inside look on what it takes to start a vegan & eco-friendly clothing line. Stay tuned until the end where Wilde shares with us BIG NEWS about the launch of a new sister company around Earth Day. (51:48) ThatVeganWife closes the show with promoting her upcoming launch of Vegan School on April 1, 2019.

Watch the Legends & Vibes Kickstarter Video

(it’s really good)