July 10, 2019 | The Veganner's Cookbook



Captain Paul Watson, Henry Minro, Evita Tezeno (#LivingLifeFresh) & ThatVeganWife


ThatVeganWife is BACK as special guest sharing more insight on why she released “The Veganner’s Cookbook.” Not only will you get to learn more about the tasty dishes she put together, but you’ll get to hear from Captain Paul Watson with updates with Sea Shepherd, and Evita leads us in discussion on vegan recipes involving quinoa!


00:00 - State of the Oceans Introduction

00:59 - Henry Minor (in for Jana Shultz) says hello and shares the line-up (Captain Paul, Evita, ThatVeganWife)

1:45 - Captain Paul gives reports from Sea Shepherd

15:28 - ThatVeganWife weighs in on plastic use & Captain Paul responds (17:00)

19:14 - Henry introduces ThatVeganWife’s segment talking about The Veganner’s Cookbook

and what it’s like to go vegan in the beginning


28:00 - Henry introduces Evita with her topic: Quinoa

32:40 - ThatVeganWife jumps in with her favorite quinoa recipe: Summer Bean Salad

39:30 - Henry asks ThatVeganWife what people can do to begin their plant-based journey

48:08 - Henry asks ThatVeganWife about the smoothie recipes

49:07 - ThatVeganWife and the others share how you can get in touch or purchase The Veganner’s E-cookbook