July 24, 2019 | The Lymphatic System



Captain Paul Watson, Jani Schulz, Sia Barbi, BB Starr, Henry Minor, Evita Tezeno, & ThatVeganWife


Animals are often the unvoiced victims of natural disasters, but luckily there are people like Ric Browde & Yvette Burke who are rescuing these animals from becoming fatality. You’ll get to hear straight from them and the frontlines of their incredible work. Captain Paul Watson makes a brief report and ThatVeganWife spills the tea on the importance of The Lymphatic System and how going vegan can help you live your best life.


00:00 - State of the Oceans Show intro

00:59 - Jana Schultz is back introducing the show line-up

2:20 - Captain Paul Watson gives his Sea Shepherd Report

7:00 - Sia introduces for Ric Browde of Wings of Rescue who rescues & rehabilitates animals effected by natural & manmade disasters (currently working in Louisiana/Arkansas which has recently been affected by Hurricane Barry)

13:25 - Ric Browde answers the question of what made him start his current work

14:30 - Rick shares how to help his cause


19:10 - Jana Introduces ThatVeganWife who digs into the importance of the Lymphatic System, why it’s important, how to clean it, and help it function well


37:05 - Sia introduces our second guest Yvette Burke of The Little Angel’s Project & VEMA Organization where she explains how she’s been successful

49:30 - Yvette shares how to help The Little Angel’s Project

ThatVeganWife shares more about the importance of the Lymphatic System on her  Instagram .

ThatVeganWife shares more about the importance of the Lymphatic System on her Instagram.