March 20, 2019 | Horseracing Wrongs



Patrick Battuello, a writer, animal-rights activist, and the founder and president of


Captain Paul Watson, Sia Barbi of The Barbi Twins, Jana Castleberry Schulz, BB Starr & ThatVeganWife


(0:45) Jana introduces our show which leads into (2:02) Captain Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd update where he gives us the news from the in Costa Rica collecting trash; how there was another Vaquita found dead in Mexico, updates on the dolphin slaughter over in Europe, and news out of another major oil spill happened near the Sam Simon where rescue is happening for local affected wildlife. Captain Paul talks about the depleted Herring populations in our oceans, one of the main sources of food for many of the wildlife on land & in oceans alike. Jana catches up with Paul about the exciting news out of Costa Rica & reminds us of Operation Jiro who worked to save sea turtles, but was killed in action. Before Sia introduces our guest, (15:40) she gives a quick shout out to the Disaster Assist Team working & helping with Midwest Floods. (19:00) Introduction of Patrick Battuello who is a writer, animal-rights activist, and the founder and president of Horseracing Wrongs, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to ending the cruel and deadly horse-racing industry in the U.S. He is the nation's foremost expert on racehorse deaths. He gives us the inside scoop what what racing horses actually go through and what's being done to stop it. Check out the stats & numbers behind the industry on (58:00) After an insightful conversation with Patrick, Sia & Jana, ThatVeganWife closes out the show with a promotion for her Free Resource: Vegan School, a NO BS video training with tips & tricks for aspiring vegans.