October 3, 2018


Guest: Jen Ratliff, Natural Disaster Rescue and Resources (Join the conversation on Facebook)

Timestamps: 40:10


Captain Paul Watson is back and starts us off with news about efforts in Japan and Iceland. Hopefully there will be new volunteers there soon to keep the whale killing festivals from occurring again. He also brings up the 3 vessels in Mexico where they are protecting the endangered species, the Vaquita. Sea Shepherd Global just had their meeting about their international movements and where they will go and achieve peace next. (19:57) Sia introduces out guest, Jen Ratliff, Team Leader of Disaster Assist Team, Natural Disaster Rescue and Resources. Jen lets us in on her experience of getting animals out during Hurricane Florence, what to look for when you want to donate your time/money to organizations, and things you should know when rescuing animals. (40:10) ThatVeganWife comes on and shares A Vegan Burrito Meal Prep idea, including an epic Quesarito idea with Follow Your Heart cheese. Meal prep can be a wrap!

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