May 2, 2018

Guest: Richard Couto

TIMESTAMP: 15:05 and 24:30


Captain Paul Watson graces with his news of the oceans to start off where he gives us details on Operation Malaguo and the coasts of Liberia. There is also a death metal band from the Faroe Islands who sing about killing ocean wildlife and glorify death. Captain Paul talks about how Sea Shepherd has worked to stop their performances and how they are coming to the United States. Changing topics, ThatVeganWife is asked to share more about the TowerGarden and its positive impact on the environment (at 15:05), and talks about how you can learn about how to make realistic lifelong lifestyle changes. Sia then shares exciting information about the documentary called Love & Bananas! Then, ThatVeganWife introduces Richard Couto (24:30) who works with the ARM, where he tells us about new undercover investigations happening in Lee County, Florida and other happens for the duration of hour.