May 9, 2018

Guest: Laurie Hood



Captain Paul Watson introduces the show by telling us about Operation Virus Hunter that happened in June. Other various vessels going out on campaigns are going really well and the death metal band is still continue to try and create events supporting violence in many forms, including a song about killing Captain Paul! Eek! Jana then creates discussion around the fact that so many people are making the lifestyle switch to go vegan where ThatVeganWife jumps in (at 17:28) saying that veganism is jumping by 600%. Sia then turns the discussion by introducing our special guest, Laurie Hood, Founder of Alaqua Animal Refuge, a no-kill animal refuge and sanctuary located in northwest Florida where she tells us about her experience in that area. She also tells us about her role in the NatGeo show, Animal PD and how she’s become a special investigator with the local police force.