Going Vegan

March 6, 2019 | The Veganizers

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Kiki Adami, Veganizer founder
Waz Wu, Veganizer Portland director
Sarah Eastin, Veganizer Denver director


Captain Paul Watson, Jani of the Jungle, Sia Barbi of The Barbi Twins, BB Starr, Richard Couto & ThatVeganWife


(00:45) Jana introduces our show which leads into the first segment with Captain Paul Watson, co-founder of GreenPeace & Sea Shepherd Global who shares with us news from the seas. (2:30) He starts off by talking about his time in Florida for the documentary, Sea of Shadows, continued updates on dolphin slaughter by The French Fleet using gill nets to kill dolphins throughout France, and more updates out of New Zealand, the Sea of Cortez, and Panama which leads into further questions. (5:34) The best news is that Sea Shepherd had the opportunity to show Sea of Shadows to the United Nations. (10:15) Then we move to our guest host, Richard Couto, who joins us after his time hanging out with Captain Paul and the documentary showing at the film festival in Miami. He also brings us some news out of ARM Investigations regarding behind-the-scenes footage of the tough conditions animals face in light of factory farming & animal agriculture. (25:25) ThatVeganWife introduces our guests from The Veganizers, Kiki (the Veganizer founder), Waz (The Veganizer Portland Director), and Sarah (the Veganizer Denver Director), who they are & why they started The Veganizers. The rest of the show is filled with questions & input from our hosts. This is an incredible show packed with so much value, so you'll want to listen to the entire thing!