State of the Oceans

April 17, 2019 | State of the Oceans



Captain Paul Watson, Jana Castleberry Schulz, BB Starr & ThatVeganWife


Disclaimer: There's a little trouble in Texas today as two of our hosts are located was experiencing weather issues interfering with internet quality.

(1:20) Captain Paul shares with us detail from the Sea Shepherd global meeting with countries to curtail poaching, how they've arrested a vessel who was illegally fishing off the coast of Liberia, and news out of the Sea of Cortez and another attack on Sea Shepherd's vessels which wasn't successful. (2:50) Exciting news breaks about the new development Sea Shepherd has partnered with in creating board shorts out of the illegal nets they have captured. (4:28) He also shares with us the bigger picture of why the Notre Dame fire is a tragedy, where Jana shares with us some of Captain Paul's poetry about the historical site. (11:10) Finishing up Paul's segment, we start to experience some interference where ThatVeganWife takes over and asks the deep question of how Captain Paul Watson deals with the weight of the issues we talk about on this show, to which he gives his own experience and advice. (14:05) Jana & BB Star find connection again where BB shares his new love for Whale Wars on Amazon PrimeVideo which has all 6 seasons. (15:20) THEN, State of the Oceans is blessed by BB's talent where he shares the new State of the Oceans intro that he sang and wrote. (16:40) Jana shares all things EarthX as Captain Paul Watson will be attending. Details about the documentaries being shown (including Sea of Shadows) and info about the event can be found online. (25:00) With a few more technical difficulties, we switch over to talk to ThatVeganWife who shares with us the trend of "uncompassionate vegan culture" where people are less inclined to appreciate all walks of life. We dive a little deeper into a conversation about interdependency, vegan meat/cheese substitutes, and how compassionate vegans really need to be to people who don't get it as they do. (37:09) ThatVeganWife switches the conversation to more insight on what it's like to go through Vegan School, and why she wishes she had this free resource. (50:19) Jana & BB Star close out the show with some great resources for new veganners who are looking for ways to contribute to the state of our oceans.

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